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Blagdon & Butcombe Youth Week

Blagdon & Butcombe Youth Week 5th to 9th August 2019


The dates for this years youth week will be Monday 5th August - Friday 9th August, which I hope will help with those planning  summer holidays. For those who are new to the village, this is a week of activities for everyone local from age 6 to 15 organised by a volunteer committee. It's a lot of fun, and finishes with a community barbecue on the Friday night. Activities can include the adventurous, such as paint balling and kayaking,  and the artistic, an arts work shop and flower craft, and the oddball, chess and skittles night anyone? We like to have a mix of local and organised activities and will start planning after the February half term.


If anyone has any comments on last years event (things they enjoyed, or things that they would like to see changed) do please let us know. We would also like your suggestions for this years youth week -for example if you know of a great new theme park which has opened please get in touch!. We would also be interested to hear from anyone  who has a skill or passion  that you would like to share, by running a work shop or activity. Please contact the committee with any information or queries, and as always if you would like to join the committee let us know.


Our current members are Jenny Cummins, Miriam Elis, Alison Coventry, Clare Greatorex, Gabriel Gilson and Debbie Morgan. I would like to take this moment to thank Sarah Buffey Hichens, and Al  Mann who have stepped down  this year after several years of hard work.

Roll on the summer and we’ll be back in touch as things progress.