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Our Vision

What Our School Stands For

We believe that the world of work which today's 4 year old pupil will enter at the end of their education in the 21st century will be more complex and exciting than ever before.  Both work and leisure will offer more to, but also demand more from, the young adult.  The attitudes and ideas learned at primary school are the crucial base upon which many of their life's successes will be built. Children must develop strong foundations at this stage of their education.


Children also need to have a good knowledge of a wide range of subjects, and as they get older they need to be able to work without so much guidance from the teacher.  They should be able to find out facts for themselves and apply them in their work.  They need to be confident in themselves, and to be able to work effectively on their own or as part of a team. 


As the village school, our place in the wider community is very important to us. Blagdon Pre-school use a classroom on the school site and we have strong links with other village organisations. The school is strengthened by the high level of support given by the parents.


We are convinced that it is crucial for children to master the 'three R's', the basic skills that underpin all other learning.  National policies now tend to echo this view again, although we have been working to these objectives even when they were held to be very ‘old-fashioned’.


In addition to the National Curriculum subjects, we offer an exceptional range of after-school clubs, trips and guest visitors, music and drama performances, to nurture the broadest of interests.


We believe that we have a happy school atmosphere in which each pupil can make best use of his or her talents and qualities.  As a small village school, each child is an individual who is well known to the teachers and it is impossible for any child to be 'overlooked'.  The efforts of each child are valued, by both staff and other children, and we make sure that every child is genuinely able to contribute in some way.  Development of self-esteem is crucial, but it has to be based on real achievement, not false praise.


We strongly believe that happy and confident children learn more effectively and get the most from their education.  Blagdon School does genuinely have a caring ethos, reflected both in the dedication of the staff and in the concern shown by pupils towards each other.


The School's Aims


At Blagdon Primary School we are proud of our happy caring environment in which each child is individually known and their achievements valued. In close partnership with parents, the school helps to develop confident and responsible children with strong values of support and friendship and high standards of achievement.


We aim to:

🔸provide a bright, stimulating, well-resourced learning environment

🔸improve the quality of teaching and learning

🔸provide a broad, challenging curriculum

🔸ensure each child is treated as an individual in order to fulfil its potential

🔸build on existing partnerships with families in educating their children

🔸maintain our strong community links

🔸ensure our staff are well-trained and motivated

🔸improve the quality of leadership & management throughout the school


Our goal is for Blagdon Primary School to be the school of choice for the local community, with a well-founded and respected reputation for its success and achievements.