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Residential Visit April 2018

News from Bude


Monday 9th April

Group B did problem solving, it was so much fun because we did all sorts of activities like crossing the river where we had to get across to the other side but we only had planks to get across to the other side. After that we did follow the rope where we had to get all the people across a wooden bars but we were attached to a harness that was so much fun. Then we played go through the spider holes which was great as well . Then we had dinner which was delicious the pudding was delicious too.



Tuesday 10th April

Today we went bodyboarding; some of us did not want to go in . It is amazing the waves were really fun to play with . They were huge! I wish that it would have never ended. You went out knee height and got whooshed in by the waves! We loved it!



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