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Week 13

Class 4, along with Class 3, were treated to an interactive performance of 'Twelfth Night' by the Shakespeare Company on Thursday afternoon. The class were not just watching, but participating in the play by becoming characters, as well as being asked comprehension questions as they went along. We thank them for visiting Blagdon and hope they come back again soon!

As well as coming to the end of our English and maths topics, we have also been busy learning our lines and rehearsing the Christmas Nativity in time for next Tuesday evening. Well done to all the Year 6s who have already learnt their lines off by heart! Well done to the Year 5s for being a quality audience.

Friday afternoon gave a selection of the class a chance to show off their swimming skills at the North Somerset Swimming Gala. They all gave unbelievable efforts in their races, finishing either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in their heats. We find out next week their overall placing. They were really well behaved, encouraged each other and were a pleasure to have as part of the team. A great time was had by all.

Next week sees the year 6s start off by going to Bristol for their Life-Skills morning, before joining the rest of the class for our last rehearsal. During the week, we will have our end of term assessments; again as long as you do your best, that's all I can ask for! You will be planning your own biography, investigating friction for our Forces Theme Park and studying D-Day and the life of spies to finish our WW2 unit. 

Please remember, Friday is our Elf Day, where you can come dressed as a Christmas elf to show your support for the National Health Service.

Have a good weekend!

Keep Right On!