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Week 2

Did the Christmas holidays actually happen? A question that many of us were asking this week; the days seem to be flying past so rapidly!

We were busy trying to instruct others, with clarity, to perform a specific dance move. We first worked on finding features of an instruction text. This was after trying to instruct Mr Davis on how to make a cup of tea, which, unfortunately, didn't go too well!


In maths, Year 5 have been working really hard on their decimals and fractions, along with their mental maths skills. Year 6 have revised how to find percentages of amounts, as well as solving how to find the percentage that has been added. This last part took a lot of listening and hard work, but I was very proud of all of you for keeping going and showing a great deal of resilience and determination.

Science was a chance to experiment theories about air resistance and the different forces acting upon a parachute. Again, I was very impressed with the amount of scientific language that was being used across the classroom.

As well as our Swimming lessons continuing, our Maya topic also did the same. We looked at where the Ancient Maya cites were and located them on a map of Central America. We also had a go at weaving our own designs - a lot of them looked very effective and can now be seen around the class! 


In another show of maturity, the majority of Year 6s attended their first SATs Booster lesson after school. It is great to see the children caring so much about trying to do the best that they are capable of.

Talking about maturity, Year 5s were fast-tracked a year by completing their level 2 Bikeability awards this week. They worked really well and listened carefully to all instructions given, resulting in another year group who can ride carefully and confidently on their own bikes.

As I am on a course on Monday, I wish the best of luck to our two dodgeball teams, who are competing after school at Churchill. I am sure they will do brilliantly and have great fun!

Mr Glenn
Keep Right On