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Week 6

With no signs of the term slowing down, Class 4 were busy completing and editing their UFO sighting recounts. The language used was very impressive, and, with the help of using adverbials, adjectives, adverbs, speech and punctuation effectively, they were able to create some very descriptive (if not completely true) pieces of writing!

With no time to rest, we are already onto our next unit, which looks at flashbacks. The class have already been introduced to the short animation 'The Piano' where we are sent back in time to witness what our main character's life has been like. Again, some of the description from Class 4 has really impressed me and their fellow classmates.

While the Year 5s have been practising their problem solving and mental maths skills, Year 6 have been simplifying and comparing fractions. All have worked hard to try and understand these and are well prepared to tackle fractions next week when we have to add, subtract, divide and multiply them!

In Science, we were finally able to complete our shadows investigation, thanks to the sun appearing at the start of the week (which was quickly forgotten about towards the end of it!).
We have also been investigating the movement of the moon in relation to Earth and how it appears to us throughout a month.

In Topic, we were once again transported back to WW2, but this time to the coast of Dunkirk! We studied a poem, describing the events, before working in groups to create our own class poem, which portrayed the story from two points of view: the sailors and the soldiers, which you can read below.

We were leaving Britain in a boat,
It was somehow staying afloat.
I was sad about leaving home
but I was trying to stop soldiers from being alone.

In the town behind me, there was lots of commotion; 
Turns out it was coming from the ocean.
I felt like I was going to die,
I need my mother's apple pie.


Approaching Dunkirk in a boat,
On the seas, we will float.
Rocking on top of the wild wave,
Seeing the soldiers we may save.


But then what's that over there?
A smudge of hope, Germans can not bare.
life changing ride is in my sight,
One great blob of happiness in this treacherous fight.

Carrying the soldier onto the boat
with blood dripping from his throat.
I felt so sorry, so I wrapped him in a coat.
I saw the sorrow in his eyes so I want to stay with him until he dies.

After a long time we finally board the ships,
With cuts and scrapes upon my legs
And bandages on our heads,
But I can not bare the thoughts anymore.

We're bringing soldiers back to the coast.
Our ship is full up to the most
Sailing away from Dunkirk
Running away from German berserks.

Hip-Hip Hooray we're back today
Thanks to all for saving us, Yay!
We will have some beer and rum
To celebrate the things we have done!

We also enjoyed 'Apple Day', where the children had the chance to work in their houses with the full age-range of the school. On behalf of myself and the rest of the staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Class 4 for being so mature and responsible by looking after and helping the younger children throughout the day. No more so than Max, who received a Head Teacher's award for his fantastic efforts!


Wednesday was our Harvest Festival, where we managed to donate a very generous amount of food for the food banks. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a great success!

Well done to:
Reuben and Isla for this week's Class Merits.
Lily and Emily for the Jigsaw Merits.

Have a restful weekend and we go again next week!

Keep Right On!