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Breaktime Activities

Our Lunchtime takes place between 11.55am to 12.55pm. Class 1 come directly to the Hall for their lunch and all other years go straight outside to play.   Each year group is then called into the Hall on a rotational basis. When children have finished their lunch they are asked to clear away their cups and plates and go back out to play to ensure they get as much outside play as possible. We endeavour to encourage children to be as independent as possible in the lunch hall and to enjoy the shared meal experience. We regularly have music playing to make the mealtime as social as possible.  Occasionally we invite a few parents in to join the children for a meal and a run around!  The children love to see the parents and feedback has been very positive from all.


We only keep the children in for wet play if it is torrential rain as we prefer to let them enjoy some fresh air and have a good run around after morning lessons. For this reason we encourage children to bring a coat and hat in the winter and hat and sun cream in the summer.