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Welcome to Class 4 

Week Beginning 13 July 2020


Team Talk - hopefully you have all accessed your Microsoft Teams account and I am looking forward to talking to you all on Monday afternoon at 2pm.  Please try and attend as I have a surprise for you.


Last week of work before the Summer holidays so please try and engage with it and I look forward to seeing you all in September.


Mrs Fennell


Home Learning Timetable

Week beginning 6 July 2020


Hi Year 5


Thank you to those who have sent me work this week, it has been great to see all the maths, english and artwork.  Keep it up.


Just two weeks of your Year 5 left, let's make it a great two weeks and really give it your all.  I am hoping to be able to speak to you all at the end of this week or beginning of the last week of term via Microsoft Teams, you should be receiving details soon.


Mrs Fennell

Week Beginning 29 June 2020


Thank you to the children who sent me pieces of their work.  I would really love to have at least one piece from everyone next week.  If you haven't sent me anything yet, please try.  I have added a challenge for you all this week, it is to create a new greetings card for the Animal Trust - pdf attached to this page.  Year 6 will be having a go as well, so we could put some of the pictures on the website.  


Stay safe everyone and hope to see you soon.


Mrs Fennell

Home Learning Timetable

Week Beginning 22 June 2020


It has been good to see some work from Year 5.  Please can you make sure you send me a piece of Maths or English each week so I can see what you have been doing.   Also make sure you are using TT Rockstars and Bug Club (or write me a review of the books you are reading) so I can monitor your progress in these areas.  Year 6 have been working hard in school and I will put up a picture of their 'Eye' drawings this week.  


The staff are all working on an exciting project at the moment to be able to communicate with you in person.  WATCH THIS SPACE!!


Stay positive and stay in touch, these are difficult times but we will get through it together. 


Mrs Fennell

Home Learning Timetable Week Beginning 22 June 2020

Week Beginning 15th June


Here is your work for this week, thank you for all the recipes that have already been sent in, please keep them coming so we can make a cookbook.  


Keep up the good work and keep sending me some of your work Year 5.

Home Learning Timetable 15 June

Year 6 artwork - Fish

Week Beginning 8 June 2020


I have spoken to several families this week and the general opinion is that the new style of Home Learning is better.  I hope you are all enjoying the variety of work offered and are managing to stay positive.


Year 5 Maths - I have added the alternative work for this week as we have already covered decimals.


If you have any questions about the work set can you please e-mail homelearning@blagdonprimaryschool.com and someone will get back to you ASAP.


Mrs Fennell

My recipe for Cheese Herb Bread

Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well and positive.  I have added this weeks timetable and the relevant worksheets for you to follow.  This is the new layout that all schools in the LSP will be following and everyone will be doing the same work.  


Have fun and look forward to seeing some of the results of your hard work.


Mrs Fennell

Photo of Class 4 (Year 6 only)

Week Beginning 18 May 2020


Just one week to go before half-term.  As well as the attached work for the week, I would like you to think about our project on the Saxons.  Can you use any art media to show me what you know about the Saxons (paint, model, sculpture, drawings etc).  You should all have been designing your shields, these could be included in your artwork.  


Prepare a powerpoint or booklet on the Saxons and include some research that you have done. 


Thank you for all the lovely powerpoints and models of the coast project.  I look forward to showing them all when we return to school.  


Keep up the good work everyone, see you all soon.


Mrs Fennell

An update to White Rose Maths.  I have now downloaded the worksheets for you to use as they are no longer free to access for parents, you can still watch the video tutorial.  Please try and work through these as they will help you with the transition to Secondary School and to Year 6.



Hi everyone, it was great to speak to some of you over Zoom on Friday.  Some great questions, jokes and riddles.  Hope you had a good birthday Joe.


Attached is the work for this week, good news Friday is Bank Holiday so I haven't given any work for that day.


Mrs Fennell

Having had contact with most of the class (more phone calls on Monday), the general view is that there is a lot of work in the Hamilton English.  Our expectation of the work to be completed is at least 1 piece from the Hamilton English every day.  If you want to do more then that is great but you should complete at least 1 piece per day.


Please do the daily SPAG activities that I have put on.  I know the punctuation states it is Year 5 but it is a good revision exercise for Year 6 as well.


I hope this makes it a little clearer.   Don't forget the wider curriculum work as well if you want some extra work, there are some good art and design activities.  I am more than happy for you to check out the art and design items on Class 3 page as well.


I have also had a request for Kahoot quizzes so if you would like to make up a quiz that would be good and we will endeavour to get through all of them on our return to school.


Mrs Fennell

Plan for Week 2 27 April 2020

SPaG for Week 2 27 April 2020

Plans for Week Beginning 20 April 2020

Home Learning for week beginning 20 April 2010

Hello Everyone,  


Hope you are all keeping well and not getting too bored at home.  As well as the core learning tasks listed, which should be done every day, I have also attached a wider curriculum list of activities - these are not compulsory but they are there for you if you want something extra to do.


The Hamilton English should start from week 1 which I have now added as a pdf.  If you have started on week 3, don't worry.


Hope this is going to keep you occupied for a while at least!  


Mrs Fennell

Wider Curriculum

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