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Blagdon Primary Governing Body




Our Governing Body has been set up according to the statutory guidance from the Department for Education.

Our Full Governor Meetings are complemented with two sub-committees as follows:

  1. Finance, premises, facilities & health and safety
  2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment - Learning (curriculum) & Assessment (outcomes), safeguarding, behaviour and pupil premium


The sub-committees meet regularly and report to every Full Governors Meeting. The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year. 


Our Governors attend training sessions and seminars to help keep up to date with changes in schools and education and to enable them to do a fantastic job.  They also regularly come into school to meet the headteacher, members of staff and the pupils. This helps them to find out how the school is progressing towards it targets.


If you need to contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Chris Mills, correspondence can be sent to chris.mills@blagdonprimaryschool.com.  

We are part of the Lighthouse Schools Partnership Multi-Academy Trust.

To access the following documents please use the LSP Accounts Link. https://www.lsp.org.uk/index.php/partnership-company-docs/

·         Annual report

·         Annual audited accounts (no later than January following the financial year)

·         Memorandum of association

·         Articles of association

·         Names of charity trustees and members

·         Funding Agreement

Join Us


If you have any questions or you would like to know more about becoming a governor, please contact the school by email at office@blagdonprimaryschool.com.


Being a Governor is a rewarding way of making a voluntary contribution to the lives of local young people.


We don’t expect you to be an expert in education, we welcome governors from all walks of life to bring different perspectives and views. You just need to be interested in supporting our school, community and the educational outcomes of our pupils.


In all decision making, the governors are committed to ensuring that the best interests of all children in the school are the highest priority.


For guidance and information, have a look at the North Somerset Governor pages.