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Home Learning Picture Gallery

Here are pictures of some of the super learning that the children of Class 2 have been doing at home and in school.  Look out for some familiar faces!

We love to see what you have been up to so please do send us any work you have done or activities you have been enjoying during your time at home:





Ayda has made a fairy castle, treehouse and playground (with a working roundabout!), she has written a poem about her garden and drawn some Tinga Tinga animals. And look how tall her sunflower is getting!

Some of the Year 1 children have been making sculptures of faces inspired by the work of Kimmy Cantrell

Annabelle has made a mask inspired by the work of Kimmy Cantrell and has drawn a ladybird by following an online tutorial. She has also made a 'Vegetable Face'.

Leo and Nathan have been painting and drawing pictures of the continents of the world and of animals which can be found in Australia

Harry has been making a beautiful rainbow fish with colourful scales

Ayda has been baking cheese and bacon bread (yummy!!), watching her sunflowers grow even taller, having a 'glow-stick disco', making a picture of her dad fishing using pebbles and leaves and completing the 'Super Pals' activity. Ayda has also been rescuing a bird that crash landed in her garden and she wrote about the experience.

Lexie has been using natural materials to make pictures. Here is a face and a butterfly that she made.

Annabelle has also made a 'Stick-man and a tree' using natural materials

Annabelle has written a super report about wolves and typed it up on the computer. She has also made a beautiful vase of flowers using a toilet roll, pipe cleaners and tissue paper

Will has created a super poster about wolves on the computer. He has also been visiting his favourite place, practising playing his guitar, enjoying lots of walks and bike rides and working hard on his home learning

Noah has typed a super report about wolves on the computer. He has also been exercising with Joe Wicks, learning to tell the time on a digital clock and recording the life cycle of a sunflower

William has been writing a super story to practise spelling words ending -ey and making a beautiful picture of a flower using little balls of tissue paper and jewels

Leo and Nathan have made a wonderful sculpture of a chicken using natural resources they found around their home

Josh has been drawing a tree, keeping a diary of growing sunflowers, creating art from leaves and pressing flowers

Eva has created a detailed life cycle of a plant and written a letter in German to her grandparents

William has been painting a picture of flowers (using toilet rolls!), colouring a sunflower, making a clay pot, learning about Henry VIII, learning about VE day by talking to family members and making bunting to celebrate.

Leila has been baking, painting a rainbow, working in the garden, enjoying walks and celebrating Beltane by making a maypole and dancing

Noah has drawn this fantastic picture of a wolf

Annabelle has been working with Holly to bake Cheesy Caterpillars - Yummy! Annabelle read the recipe and measured out the ingredients

Ayda has been baking, collecting flowers to press, drawing and labelling a plant and growing sunflowers from seeds

Eva has been learning about The Antarctic and the creatures that live there and identifying some flowers that she pressed.

Isabelle has been working hard on Maths activities and growing carrots and sunflowers from seeds.

Mrs Fairley has been busy making masks, hats and scrub bags for the NHS, growing plants and baking

Morton has been planting seeds and pressing flowers

Leo and Nathan have been writing silly stories to practise spelling words ending in -el and -le

Lottie has been busy baking, writing to her friends, working out lots of sums and going on LOTS of walks

George has been doing lots of painting, including a beautiful picture of Blagdon

Charlie has been collecting flowers to press and painting pictures of different flowers

Isabelle has been celebrating St George's Day by colouring a picture of 'Eloss the Dragon'

Morton has been out exploring the woods by going on a hike, cutting wood and lighting fires

Mrs Lukins has been busy growing lots of fruits, vegetables and plants in the garden and doing some birthday baking

Carys has been getting to know her new chickens, creating a story mountain, then writing it up as a story and lots of art activities

Harry has made a picture of a 'Wild Flower'

Nathan and Leo have been learning all about plants!

William has been creating artwork based on The Great Fire of London, writing a diary as Samuel Pepys and labelling pressed flowers

Annabelle has made a model of a burning house in The Great Fire of London, created a healthy lunchbox, labelled parts of the body and earned a certificate for her work on The Great Fire.

Ayda has been designing an Easter egg, creating a Lego village, writing and building a catwalk

Eva has been writing a diary and completing some activities in German

Huw has been writing facts about China, building Lego models and going on a scavenger hunt

Noah has been doing PE with Joe Wicks, baking, art and playing chess

Harry has made a model of a house during The Great Fire of London.