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Our Vision


Be the best you can be

Love learning

Aspire to make a difference

Go on to great things

Develop positive relationships

Overcome obstacles

Nurture and promote precious values


At Blagdon Primary School, we believe in giving all our learners the tools and skills needed for them to fulfil their potential and ‘be the best they can be.’

For this to happen, our curriculum needs to be broad and rich. Academically we aim to create young learners who are independent, confident and determined, yet still curious enough about the world to ask questions and seek answers.


To achieve these qualities, we will need to ensure our children are secure in the core skills of the curriculum: reading, writing and arithmetic. Whilst they are developing these skills, our learners will support each other through our Learning without Limits approach. They will understand the power of ‘yet’ and therefore show perseverance.


Our children will develop a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.


To create these well-rounded citizens of the future we need to provide children with broad experiences. We will do this through our wider curriculum.


Children should be exposed to a rich variety of music, art and culture. They should be given the opportunity to perform on a public stage, take part in music workshops and attend festivals with other schools. We will give children the opportunity to participate in sporting competitions at all levels. Children will come together as a community as often as possible and work with both their peers and other year groups to build a sense of belonging within the school.


Play is an important part of any child’s development and at Blagdon, we take play seriously. Our learners are self-directed in their play. This is supported by our environment and the equipment we give them. We make the most of our outdoor space ensuring that it works with our curriculum.

Blagdon Primary School will be an integral part of the community. We will share our events and take part in village life. We will make links with local businesses.


All parties within the school believe in providing the best start for the children in our care. We will demonstrate and teach values through our Jigsaw PSHE curriculum.  We will encourage our children to gain the skills to keep safe.

(updated 5/1/19)