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Special Needs

How We Support Our Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Children


What do we offer children with special educational needs?

Blagdon Primary School is a mainstream school but we are able to accommodate children with a wide range of additional needs.  We aim to ensure ALL children are included and able to access the same curriculum and enjoy the same learning opportunities.


What should I do if I think my child may have special needs?

If you have concerns about your child and their learning, you should speak to the class teacher.  However, you are also most welcome to come and discuss your concerns with the SENCO, Mrs Kerrie Buer, who can be contacted at office@blagdonprimaryschool.com


How does the school identify children with special educational needs and how does it ensure they make good progress in their learning?

Before children start at Blagdon School, we send out a family questionnaire to alert us to any potential learning needs of individual children.  Once at school, teachers assess children regularly to ensure that they are making progress.  In the classroom we use a 'Learning Without Limits' approach to ensure EVERY child reaches his or her potential.  If your child’s teacher is concerned that your child may have a specific learning need, they will talk to you about it.  With your permission, they will discuss their concerns with the SENCo. 


The school has contacts with a range of outside agencies (such as educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, CAMHS, community nurse etc.) whom we can contact for help if necessary.  We will always ask for your permission before doing so.


How does the school adapt the curriculum and learning environment for SEND children?

At Blagdon we treat every child as an individual.  Teachers are responsible for the progress of the children in their class and they employ a range of strategies to maximise children’s learning and enjoyment. For example, teachers plan their lessons carefully, providing appropriate work to meet individual children’s needs.  They make use of learning walls to explain to children how to tackle their maths and English work, or they may use visual timetables to help children understand the timetable for the day. 


Teaching assistants may be used to support certain children with particular tasks or to help with physical tasks such as getting changed for PE.  Every child’s needs are different and teachers will adjust their teaching and the classroom environment accordingly to meet their needs.


How accessible is the school both indoors and outdoors?

Our KS1 classrooms and the school hall both have ramp access for wheelchairs.  They also have a disabled toilet and nappy changing facilities.


What support is available for improving the emotional and social development of SEND children?

Our staff receives regular INSET training in taking care of children’s emotional welfare and each class runs PHSE lessons.  However, where additional help is needed, we have a specialist member of staff (Mrs Anna Fennell), who has been trained in the Silver Seal method of developing children’s emotional literacy.  She is able to offer one-to-one sessions with children or lead small groups.  When necessary, the school is also able to access external services from the local authority for extra support or advice. Our Learning Mentor, Mrs Sarah Hawkes, is also on hand to offer help.


How will you know how well your child is doing?

Your child’s progress will be assessed regularly in class (up to three times per year) using a combination of teacher assessments and test results.   If your child is not making sufficient progress, the class teacher will adjust their teaching and learning strategies to help them. You will be kept informed at parents’ evenings and in your child’s annual report.


How will I be able to help my child learn?

Your child will be given appropriate homework to complete at home. This may involve you taking an active role (e.g. listening to your child read every night) or simply ensuring your child completes any tasks they have been given to do by providing a suitable place to work and by showing an interest in what they are doing.


How does the school monitor its provision for children with special educational needs?

The Headteacher analyses the progress of all the children in the school, including those with SEN.  They ensure that children are making good progress in their learning and that steps are taken to help those who are not. The Headteacher reports regularly to the Governing Body about the progress of SEN children (the identity of these children always remains anonymous).  In addition, the school has a nominated Governor with specific responsibility for monitoring the progress and welfare of children with special educational needs.


What if I have a concern about bullying?

We are very proud of the caring, nurturing environment at our school and believe that cases of bullying here are extremely rare.  However, quite naturally, parents with a vulnerable child are sometimes worried that their child may be more susceptible to bullying than others.  If you do have a worry, please come and talk to your child’s class teacher, the Head/SENCo, and we will do our best to help.  The school’s Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy can be read on this website or a paper copy is available from the Office.


How does the school help SEND children to transfer to secondary school?

The Class 4 teacher and SENCo liaises with secondary schools about any pupils transferring from Blagdon.  She will pass on information about each child’s learning needs and advise on children who may require extra support. 

In the summer term, teachers from receiving secondary schools visit Blagdon to meet their prospective pupils and the children also have the opportunity to spend a day at their new schools.  (Children transferring to Churchill Academy have additional opportunities to visit their next school by taking part in the Cluster Music Festival and the Year 6 Drama Day.)


Where can I find out further information about support for SEND children in North Somerset?

North Somerset Council’s website has details of its local offer for SEND children.  This gives a comprehensive outline of all the services the local authority (and its schools) provides and the rights of children and their families.


(All information reviewed and updated October 2018