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Week 1

Week 1:

It has been a very busy first week back at school! Can I firstly say, it has been great to meet so many parents before and after school who had questions, queries or just to say hello. My door is always open and if you have any questions, no matter how small, please feel free to come and see me. It is so important that we are all working together in order for your children to achieve their potential.

It has been great starting to get to know the class and for the class to get to know me. We have worked a lot on the presentation of our work, speaking and listening skills and some Place Value maths. Attached are some photos of our Maths Treasure Hunt, where the class were working in pairs to try and complete as many questions as possible in the time given.


The class have now received their reading records and reading books, where we ask that they are regularly heard reading over the course of the week. Please sign the records when you have heard them. The book will continue to be another source of communication between you and myself.

Please remember to practise your times tables, as it is very important to know all of them up to 12x12 by using quick recall.

A huge 'Well done' to Table 2, who won our first Table Trophy of the year on a tie-breaker question! Also a 'Well done' to Annabelle and Ben who won our first raffle draw of the year!

Student Highlights of the Week:
"I enjoyed the maths we did on Thursday where we rolled 6 numbers and had to - and + numbers to make 555,555." (Bobby)

"By far my favourite thing this week would have to be the letters we sent to Mr Davis' old class, because we got to put our hobbies on it and share similar things we like." (Rosie)

"My favourite moment in the week was doing the fun maths games!" (Lucas)

"I have enjoyed all of our Mark Making, especially the different media work." (Isla)

"My favourite thing about this week was 'The Greatest Showman' comprehension, because we got to sing 'This Is Me' and to listen to it!" (Isabelle)

"I liked all of the maths we did." (Ollie)

"I enjoyed Rounders." (Arthur)

"I enjoyed doing our Maths and English front covers." (Annabel)

"I enjoyed making our own Spitfires!" (Ollie)

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