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Week 10

Week 10 saw another action-packed week, both in and out of school.

We have started to look at short horror stories for our English block - seeing how the tension can be built up by using different sentence structures. Next week, the children will be planning and writing their own short stories.

In maths, Year 6 have been investigating angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and circles, as well as recapping the parts of a circle. Year 5 have been looking at their own investigation skills to solve a problem. Both completed their end of term assessments in maths and reading. There were some very positive results from both sets. Well done to all, keep it up!

Science saw us try to explain and describe the series of theories leading up to the theory of evolution. Next week, we will continue to explain Charles Darwin's theory.

In topic, we planned and created our own Mayan temples out of clay. (Note to self: clay can get messy and may not want to do it on a Friday afternoon next time!) They are looking fantastic, with a few adding glyphs for extra detail. Photos will be on here next week once they have dried.


Class 4 were fortunate enough to be invited to Churchill Academy on Wednesday to experience a live orchestra from Birmingham. They were fantastic and played some well-known songs that we could clap and sing-along to. Mr Blue Sky being a personal favourite! 

With 2 weeks to go before a well-earned rest, there seems to be no slowly down of our education express train! Have a fun packed weekend and I'll see you all bright and early on Monday.

Mr Davis
Keep Right On!