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Week 11

Hard work pays off!

That was the message for the week and it's been proven. Year 6s had a run-through of what SATs Week will be like: completing a set of practise tests on the given days. All showed the right attitude and worked really well to demonstrate that the hard work that they have put in this week is paying off. Again, doing these have many benefits: allowing children to get used to the questions and layout, so it doesn't come as a surprise; to see how we have improved throughout the year; to see gaps that we can fill before the middle of May; and getting used to working with time restraints. Year 6 then had some down-time to themselves out in the garden.

With the hard work already in place, we were able to relax a bit more in the afternoons and on Friday.


In English, we have been working on planning and writing our own short horror stories. We have tried to let our description explain how characters are feeling, instead of just telling the reader. We have also looked at how our sentence length in paragraphs can help build up tension and suspense. With the help of some chocolate whilst they were writing, they were able to complete these! After editing them next week, I'm looking forward to reading some creepy stories.


In science, we looked at fossilisation and how we can use these to prove the theory of evolution. Next week we will be looking at some particular examples.


The whole class took part in a Murder Mystery Challenge, where they had to work in pairs to solve the maths and English clues - find out next week who our winners are! 


To complete the week, we got out onto the field for a class game of 'Capture the Flag'. This was a great chance to stretch their legs after a very productive week. Some good teamwork and tactics were on show and a very close game was only decided by a last second point, making it 4-3 to the Blues! (A scoreline I would have appreciated on Friday night for my Birmingham Blues!)


Please remember, next Thursday we are creating our Mayan dioramas in class. Make sure you have a box and some materials you would like to use to create your design. Parents - please feel free to come into class from 2.30 on Thursday to take a look at how we got on! 


After Easter, we have a netball and quick-sticks tournament at the Academy. If you haven't put your name down and you decide you want to be a part of this, please see me ASAP before I send letters out.


Also, Year 6s have now been given their own maths revision books. How much they want to use them is completely up to them. They have SATs questions inside and they can use the mark scheme at the back to check if they were right or not. You can write in the book as they are yours to keep. REMEMBER -  if you have any questions about any aspect of maths (or anything at all), please come and ask for help - myself and Mrs Fennel are always here to assist. 


On Wednesday morning, Year 6s also have someone coming in from Churchill Academy for an introduction talk about going up to Year 7.

All this and a few Easter surprises will be in store next week!

Have a good weekend, especially to all the mums on Sunday - hopefully the children have remembered to bring home a couple of special things!

Mr Davis
Keep Right On!