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Week 12

We have now reached the 2/3 mark of the year; with only 2 terms to go until we are saying hello to the new Year 6 and 7s!

We finished term 4 in a typically busy fashion!


Class 4 put the finishing touches to their short horror stories by editing their work very carefully - allowing me to read 30 (hopefully) fantastic, spooky stories. 

In maths, we had some mysteries to solve, whilst revising negative numbers, coordinates and translations.


As the week progressed, they were set a PE challenge - to come up with a unique lesson plan, specifically for one skill but it had to have a warm-up, skill activity and game. What they didn't know was that they were going to coach Class 3 at the end of the week! (see pictures above to see how they got on!)

We finished our Mayan adventure by producing our own Maya designs. All of these were planned individually. The children showed great resourcefulness and independence in supplying their equipment, thinking outside the box and producing some fantastic and creative designs.

It wouldn't have been Easter without the Easter Egg Hunt - a special Well Done to Tamsin for finding the token for the main special prize! 

As Class 4 have worked so hard this term, there is no homework set over the two weeks off. However, Year 6s have been given two revision packs (SPAG and Maths). They can look at them as little or as often as they like. The SPaG pack is a glossary of key terms, while the maths sheet acts as a tick sheet for what they feel confident with. With both of them, if any question arise from these or they want to have an extra lesson on any part, they have been asked to come see me when we come back and let me know. Hopefully, with the maths book that they have been given (with answers in the back!), it should help out in the short term. As an option, a few of the Year 6s asked to take home a pack of sample tests - again, they can use these as little or as often as they like. Two weeks is a long time without exercising our brains, so try to have a quick look at different parts every few days so we can hit the ground running when we come back!

I hope you all have a great Easter (children - you deserve it!) and I look forward to seeing you in the new term and hope to see you at Parents Evening on the first couple of days back!

Mr Davis
Keep Right On!