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Week 14

Class of Elves!

Class of Elves!  1

Class 4 showed great maturity, independence and hard work this week. Year 6s started it off by developing their 'life skills' in Bristol. Without giving much away for our Y5s, they worked really hard, both in small groups and individually, to cope well with different situations and learn new skills that they can take with them into the real world.

Y5s did the class proud by receiving praise from the Class 1 and 2 teachers for their morning work and for setting a great example to our younger learners.

At a time in the year where it would be easy to let their standards drop, they helped host the annual Christmas Nativity. I was so proud of their maturity and responsibility in both narrating and being a quality audience throughout the production. Just when I thought that I couldn't be any prouder, along come our singers and musicians! To perform in front of a live audience, to that quality, is quite the accomplishment! Well done to everyone!

Back in the classroom, they've all done really well in their maths and reading end of unit assessments. They've also finished their plans for their own biography. We've been revising and expanding our knowledge of friction, with an experiment and thinking about how we can make our tests more reliable and fair. We finished off our WW2 topic by looking at D-Day and spies. A special 'thank you' goes to Arthur, for his fantastic WW2 display!

Thanks to their work ethic and maturity over the last few weeks, when they have been feeling more tired leading up to Christmas, we can enjoy our last week, with a few Christmas surprises!

One week to go!

Keep Right On!

Mr Davis found his twin!

Mr Davis found his twin! 1