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Week 2

It's amazing how much we can fit into one week! Class 4 have worked extremely hard and enjoyed a very productive 5 days.

We have learnt how to play African drums and, using African rhythms, practiced and performed native Zulu dances (as seen in the video and pictures below!), played a very competitive game of Capture The Flag and started to create our Science display by making Papier Mache planets!

Two special 'Thank you' and 'Well done':

* Firstly, a huge thank you to the Year 6s for their effort in their tests this week. It's really important, for both me and them, to know what they are already confident at and identify what we need to work on and help them with this year. The level of maturity that they showed (without much moaning!) was very pleasing to see, so they deserve a big 'Thank you' from myself.

* Secondly a huge 'Well done' to the whole class! They had a few lessons to remember a poem, add expression and actions to it and then to perform it to the rest of the school and parents. The best part of this was to see each group, who had a verse each, working together so well by listening to each other and by offering suggestions. The finished performance was very slick and we were even able to add a touch of humour! Half an hour before the production, I asked the class to introduce and explain what we had done over the past week. Incredibly, we managed to make it look like we had been practising this for months, as it was so seamless. Well done to everyone!


Congratulations to Table 3 this week, who won our table points competition, and to Joe who won the raffle draw.

Well done to Annabel and Will, who were voted in as our Student Council representatives!


I hope you all have a well deserved rest, although I already know a few have a cub camp to go on!

There are no signs of the weeks slowly down, as we have plenty of exciting things coming up soon, both in and out of school!

Highlights of the Week


'The amazing Zulu dancing.' (Rosie and most of the class!)

'I enjoyed reciting all of the poems and adding actions.' (Isla)

'The best thing about the week was the Maths lessons!' (Ben)

'Seeing Mr Davis (trying) to dance!' (Reuben)

'My favourite part of the week was when the Zulus came in and made Mr Davis dance!' (Lucy)

'Making our planets!' (Most of the class)

'When we did PE and played Capture The Flag!' (Cam)

'Cameron's very clever tactic to make people vote for him for the School Council by claiming he would listen to everyone's ideas, but probably wouldn't be able to do anything with them as he wasn't that persuasive! He persuaded a lot of people to vote for him though!' (Mr Davis and Lucas)



Zulus!  1
Zulus!  2
Zulus!  3
Zulus!  4
Zulus!  5
Zulus!  6
Zulus!  7
Zulus!  8
Zulus!  9
Zulus!  10
Zulus!  11
Zulus!  12

Zulu Dancing!

Still image for this video