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Week 2/3

How many can our Year 6s tick off this weekend?!

It's been a busy two weeks of hard work but we are there. This time next week, we will have completed our SATs! 

Two weeks ago, we took a team of 5 girls to the Netball competition at the Academy. They showed great team work and skill after a couple of games to warm up. They conducted themselves really well and enjoyed the afternoon of sport!


Back in the classroom, we have had many different activities to help us with our revision, from paired past tests to treasure hunts. Class 4 even taught the rest of the class on Friday afternoon, having put together a revision package in pairs to present to the group. 


Looking forward to next year, we had a visit from Churchill Academy to present and answer any questions our Year 6s had. (Although the main ones did seem to centre around food!) 


We have still had time to enjoy our PE lessons and produce some stunning art pieces, which are now hanging proudly in the classroom. 


Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we had a carousel of ICT activities, which the class were very excited about. We managed to look at lots of programming skills, whilst also enjoying the games that were provided.

Year 6s especially, please make sure you enjoy your weekend and do as many of the bullet points as possible for your homework! You have all worked so hard; I know what you are capable of and you will all do great! Remember - breakfast starts at 8.15! 

Have a great weekend.

Mr Davis
Keep Right On!