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Week 3

In the words of Bon Jovi - Wooahhh, we're half way there!
Half way into the term and we're full steam ahead.


Monday afternoon saw a large group of our class attend the Cluster Dodgeball event, held at Churchill Academy. Both teams played really well and showed great sportsmanship and team work. Well done to all involved!

The class came up with their own poems to be submitted into a national competition. Reading a few of them, the imagination and description included was great to witness. 

As well as Y5s reinforcing their fraction and decimal knowledge and Y6s using their ratio skills to answer word problems, we also studied the life of every-day Mayans by focusing on their murals. We also had a go at sketching our own, by thinking about what skills we have been given/taught by our parents and by adults. 


Thursday afternoon, after the last three weeks of hard work, Class 4 were rewarded by a fun swimming session, where we got the floats out, which all the children loved!

Next week notes:
Monday - After school classes will resume for Y6 3-4pm. 


We will all be taking part in the Daily Mile from Monday. Please make sure you have your PE kit in every day - along with your swimming kit on Thursday!

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Mr Davis
Keep Right On