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Week 4

It may have been 4 years since my last one, but I can now remember what Snow Days are like! 
I hope you all managed to stay warm or at least warmed up after making snowmen and playing in the snow!

The week may have been cut short but our work ethic was still strong for the 4 days we were at school. We had fun writing our own Strictly Come Dancing explanations; exploring their inner Craigs, Lens and Brunos! 

We explored water resistance in science - carrying out experiments to see what shapes would glide through the water best, as well as how to change the shape of an object to make it sink and float. (Pictures will follow!)

A huge 'well done' to those who stayed behind for our SATs revision classes. 

We also had a good session at the pool on Thursday. The technique of their strokes are improving, along with their confidence in water. On top of this, we also had our third and final Dance Your Socks Off session. Our dance is now complete and we have a few weeks to keep practising before the live show! Tickets are now on sale from The Playhouse website. Letters will be going out shortly about costume requirements. 

Please remember that homework is due in, completed, on Tuesday mornings. Please also make sure that spellings are being learnt - along with their meanings. I am very proud of those who haven't been sure about one or two of the questions, but have given themselves time to come and ask for help before it is due. This is a great habit to have, especially leading into Year 7. 

I hope you all have a fun weekend; keep warm!

Mr Davis
Keep Right On!