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Week 4

We made it!

Well, there is only one place to start this week... SATs! A massive well done to all Year 6s. They have worked so hard this year and went into the tests with confidence and calmness. Hopefully they managed to tick as many points for their homework as possible the weekend before!

It's a strange thing to do, but as I was walking round the class during their final maths paper, I found myself with a huge smile spread across my face. This was because in front of me where 20 children brimming with confidence and making sure they were going to do the best that they could. Whatever the outcome, I'm very proud of you all and I know your families are too.

Also, a huge thank you to the Year 5s, who were busy creating their story for their younger friends. They had to deal with room changes and having to work quietly in the hall. 

We tried to keep the afternoons as chilled out as possible, while also getting in some extra revision. Year 6s managed to re-charge their batteries by having some 'free time' to let out some energy on the field. On Friday, they were rewarded with a movie afternoon and a couple more snacks!

We now have a few weeks where we have to focus on our writing, in order to get it the best it can be. However, we will be splitting this up with our usual lessons, as well as finding time to rehearse our newly introduced end of year play!

We will be having auditions next Tuesday and hopefully by Wednesday we will have our parts.

Once again, a huge well done for this week. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Mr Davis
Keep Right On!