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Week 7

Class 4 have had yet another productive week! Year 5s have continued to work on their mental maths and multiplication skills, which lead onto their written division work. Year 6s have been comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and simplifying fractions! 

In English, we have continued our work on flashbacks, with a little help from Harry Potter, and we are now planning our own Pensieve memory flashbacks!

The class got into groups of 3/4 to demonstrate and explain the seasons across the world with the help of a torch and football. They were able to explain how the seasons are formed by detailing the tilt on the axis and supported their explanation by creating a line graph to compare the amount of daylight between England and Australia.

Zooming back into World War 2, we were looking at propaganda posters and the need to 'Dig for Victory'! The class were then challenged to create their own, to encourage others to grow their own food, while food was rationed across the country.

Class 4 were given a team building challenge, in every sense of the word! The class split into two teams to try and construct the school's new goalposts. They were given the equipment and instructions and it was great to see the team work and communications skills on show. Both teams successfully built our two new goals, which will be in use next week for our first ever Inter-House Football Tournament! 

Well done to:

Oscar and Will for winning our Class Merits this week. 
Brett and Tom for this week's Jigsaw awards.
Emily, Will and Leo for winning Mathematician of the Term!

Have a restful weekend and we will see you all for our last week of the term on Monday!

Keep Right On!