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Week 8

Our dancing shoes are well and truly tied up and ready to tip and tap across the stage on Monday night!


We have worked hard at ironing out our routine and held a dress-rehearsal in front of Class 1, 2 and 3. If you haven't already, please book your tickets from The Playhouse website. It promises to be a night not to forget!

You may have noticed our new trees hugging the perimeter of the cricket field; we were able to plant a few each, along with the rest of the school on Monday afternoon. Although a few were a tad apprehensive about getting green fingers, they all soon got into the groove! 


We have been researching Maya Gods, along with Chac, to help us when changing the storyline of 'Rainplayer'. We have now got to a stage where we have planned out our own myths and completed our story maps in time for writing them next week. 


We have been busy in maths - either completing our angle work or revising area and perimeter and going onto finding the volume of cubes and cuboids. 


A HUGE 'thank-you' needs to go to our librarians, who planned out a full day of fun activities, not just for our class, but for the whole school for World Book Day. They spent a lot of time on this and the slick running of the day is a credit to their work ethic and commitment to the cause. 

Another 'thank you' needs to go to you, the parents. The costumes were incredible. Having experienced many a Carnival, Halloween and World Book Day in Gran Canaria (where they are famed for their costumes) as a collective, Class 4 surpassed all expectations! The time and effort that went into them was remarkable. Well done to all those who managed to get their hair dye (... and paint!) out of their hair for the next day!


Monday, we will be rehearsing at The Playhouse for the morning. Please remember to bring a packed lunch, which we will have back at school when we return. Please then arrive back at the Playhouse at 5.30 for a 6.30 start time.


Please note that booster lessons after school on Monday have been postponed due to our dancing evening.

Year 5 parents: There will be a meeting after school on Thursday in Class 4 to introduce our camp visit in 2020!

Get your laughs ready, as it is Red Nose Day on Friday - dig out your spotty or red clothes for another action packed day!

Have a good weekend - I will be having a great one if Birmingham can harness their inner Manchester United and beat Aston Villa on Sunday!

Mr Davis
Keep Right On!