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Week 8

After a busy start to the year, we kept that up going into the last week of term! 

Along with our usual subjects, we competed in our first Inter-House football competition (using our brand new goals!) and it was great to see everyone joining in, competing for House Points and the trophy. What was even better to see was the sporting behaviour towards others.

We followed this up with a Friday afternoon game of Capture the Flag, which was well deserved and earned after the hard work and effort they put into the rest of the week!

I hope you all have a great week off. You have all worked so hard this term and have made a great start to the year!

A reminder that after we come back, we have our Music Festival on Thursday 8th - if parents would like a ticket to watch the afternoon performance, please contact the office.


We also have our WW2 trip next month, so remember to keep looking for an evacuee outfit for the day!

Have a good rest and see you all next term!

Keep Right On!