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Week 9

What a week!

From performing in front of a full house at the Playhouse to organising our Red Nose Day, Class 4 has definitely deserved their weekend break!

The week kicked off with a day of rehearsals, before the big show in the evening. The children put so much time and effort into their dance, and I think you all will agree, it paid off! Closing the show has a lot of pressure - although you couldn't tell - and after a long day, it would have been understandable for their energy levels to drop ... but not Class 4, who saved their best performance for their last. A massive 'well done' to you all - you were fantastic!

After the long day on Monday, it would have been easy to 'down tools' but the class were a credit to the school and parents by making sure their levels of work did not drop. We planned out and completed our Mayan myths and edited them to make sure they were even better. On first glimpse, I was very impressed with the sophisticated level of their writing - including different forms of punctuation, varied word choice and sentence structure. 


In maths, we competed in a competitive game of battleships as a class, before have a table competition of Dino Dig! (A shout out to Table 4, who have got to be the unluckiest table at playing the game!)


In Science, we were looking at adaptation ... although I'm pretty sure Ollie had already sat through this lesson, as he came up with some fantastic answers and examples, so much so that I decided to swap places with him so he could teach the class! A very good effort! 


If that wasn't enough, the week ended with Comic Relief. Once again, Class 4 stepped up and set out a fantastic morning for the whole school. Please see the pictures below. 


After this week, I hope you all have a restful weekend - if you are anything like me, you will feel zonked! Hopefully Birmingham will decide to win a game this Saturday to make up for the last 3 games ... We can but hope!

Again, a massive congratulations to everyone in Class 4! I'm very proud of you all.

Mr Davis
Keep Right On! 


Ps. Can you spot baby Mr Davis and Mrs Fennel?!