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Ash Class

Our class teacher is Miss Pearson.  Ash Class is our youngest class for Reception (EYFS). We have our own outdoor area, which we use in all weathers during learning time.  

Miss Pearson aims to support all of the children in Ash class to become happy, independent, confident, curious and successful learners by providing a secure, safe and stimulating learning environment.

For information about our learning this term, please visit the EYFS page: Early Years Foundation Stage

Term 3 2024

To consolidate our learning on 'Amazing Animals' Ash Class had a thoroughly enjoyable day out at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. The children saw a wide range iof animals including lions,giraffes, elephants,rhinos,zebras and a crocodile! It was a lovely opportunity for the children to see these fabulous animals up close and to get a feel for how big they really are!


This term Ash Class made terrific tiger masks!    They also painted beautiful symmetrical butterflies that have really brightened up our classroom!

To begin our theme of Amazing Animals Ash Class drew & painted a picture of their favourite animal .

Term 2 2023

Throughout December, Ash Class have experienced a daily Secret Reader, where a surprise visitor (a parent or grandparent) has knocked on the door and read the children a Christmas story wearing festive clothes. It is incredibly important for children to hear different people read to them, listen to a wide range of different Christmas stories and further develop their love of reading. Thank you to everyone who gave up their valuable time to read to Ash Class and make this such a special and magical event.


Mrs Fairley and Mrs Gliddon very kindly agreed to help Ash Class enjoy some festive baking. The children had great fun making mince pies, gingerbread men, angels and stars and roll and paint marzipan fruits. The children were delighted with all their sweet treats. Thank you so much to Mrs Fairley and Mrs Gliddon for all their organisation, help and patience.



On the afternoon of Thursday 14th December, Ash Class confidently recited poems, sang a wide range of songs and show cased their fantastic art work to their parents and grandparents. Their performance, listening skills and behaviour was exemplary and the children thoroughly enjoyed having a wonderful audience to perform to and entertain.



Ash Class have been learning about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica. The children made beautiful finger-printed polar bears for Mrs Campbell’s windows and superb penguin collages.    


Ash Class joined the rest of the school for a Church service to remember all the soldiers that had fought in wars. We walked down to Saint Andrew’s Church and listened to poems and readings read by Sycamore Class. We observed a minute silence and had time to quietly look around the Remembrance chapel and see the breath-taking poppy display.


This term Ash Class enjoyed learning about Halloween, dressing up in Halloween costumes, making spells and pretending to go ‘Trick or Treating’.

They also made fabulous firework pictures using chalk and glitter.


Term 1 2023

On Monday 16th October, to further our learning on jobs and people who help us and keep us safe, Ash Class were treated to a visit from a ‘real-life’ hero when Lucy Golston, a Nurse, came in to talk to us. Lucy explained all the different aspects of her job, showing the children her uniform, her special apparatus required to look after people who are unwell, telling us how long she had to study and why she had decided to become a Nurse. Lucy kindly brought in bandages and tape and modelled how to bandage up an injured arm and leg. The children then worked in pairs, one being the patient and the other being the Nurse to practice bandaging each other’s limbs. I was extremely impressed with the children’s careful, neat, tight bandage work! A huge thank you to Lucy for giving up her precious time to come and talk to us.




On Wednesday 11th October Nicky Fairley very kindly came in to bake pumpkin shaped biscuits with Ash Class. The children had great fun rolling, cutting and decorating their biscuits with rolled icing. The finished biscuits looked fabulous and no doubt tasted delicious. Many thanks to Nicky for giving up her time to help us bake.



This Term Ash Class have enjoyed embedding the class rules, becoming familiar with routines and the structure of the day, bonding as a class, discovering new friendships and exploring a wide range of exciting, new resources.


Term 6 2023

To end our year together, Ash Class and I had a wonderful day out at Court Farm. We had a guided tour around the farm by Farmer Ed, as well as many opportunities to stroke the animals, watch a cow being milked and bottle feed the lambs. After a picnic lunch under the tree, Ash Class had great fun playing in the numerous play areas and having a tractor ride. What a fabulous way to end an extremely happy and successful year!



To consolidate our unit of work ‘Fun at the Seaside!’, Ash Class enjoyed a ‘Pirate Day! We had great fun dressing up as pirates and spending the day indulging in pirate themed activities.

We had an incredibly entertaining visit from ‘Captain Whitebeard’, a local pirate played by Harry Cadwallader who had us gripped with his amusing, interesting and funny tales! The children confidently participated in acting out stories, singing sea shanties, dancing jigs and playing fun games in the sunshine with the energetic and enthusiastic Captain Whitebeard. Captain Whitebeard’s appearance made our ‘Pirate Day’ incredibly special and memorable and we look forward to seeing him again in the future.


Last term, Ash Class visited the Somerset and Dorset Railway in Midsomer Norton. The children were given a train picture to colour for a competition. Both John and Stephen, the Station Master, very kindly visited us at school to judge the competition and present prizes. Bodhi won first prize with his neat and brightly coloured entry. He won a family day out to the Railway Museum with a steam train ride. Marshall and Jacob were runners up and both won two fridge magnets. All three winners received a signed certificate from the Station Master.  The children were thrilled with their prizes! Thank you so much to John and Stephen for giving up their valuable time to visit us and answer all the children’s many questions. It was so lovely to see you both again!


Ash Class thoroughly enjoyed participating in Sport’s Day! They all had great fun taking part in the races, winning stickers and earning many points for their Houses!

To enhance our Jigsaw learning on ‘Changing Me’, Ash class designed and made healthy plates of food by moulding tissue paper into healthy foods. The plates looked very appetising and bright and colourful on the display board.


To celebrate Father’s Day, Ash Class made eye-catching ‘King of the Jungle - Lion’ cards to give to their father’s. They carefully cut the lion shaped face and ears and decorated black strips around the face for the mane. The cards looked very striking and beautiful and I’m sure the dads were delighted with their individual and special cards!


Term 5 2023

To consolidate our learning on ‘Transport’ and identifying and naming a wide range of vehicles, Ash Class visited the Somerset and Dorset Railway in Midsomer Norton. We had a fabulous time riding on the Wickham Trolley, exploring the steam trains, observing the signal box, wearing the Station Master’s hat and waving the flag! Thank you so much to all the enthusiastic and devoted volunteers who welcomed us to their pristine Railway Museum. We had a wonderful time!


We drew and painted beautiful a picture of our home and described it. We then made an accurate 3D model of our home.



We had a lovely walk to St Andrew’s Church to visit a place of worship. The children participated in a ‘Hunt’ around the church, identifying key features such as the pews, font, organ and alter. The children drew observational drawings of the stained-glass windows and their favourite thing in the church.


Our unit of work this term is ‘Ticket to Ride!’ We had great fun making a pretend train outside, buying our tickets at the ticket office, boarding the train with our pets and babies, and enjoying a train ride to the seaside!










This term we have enjoyed measuring the length and height of objects using multi-link cubes, weighing objects and saying which is the heavier and lighter object, and adding numbers using counters.




Ash Class thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the King’s Coronation which was held on Saturday 6th May 2023. As well as identifying and colouring the Union Jack Flag, the children enjoyed painting a portrait of King Charles wearing his sparkly crown!


To welcome Spring, Ash Class made Spring chicks by cutting and sticking shapes onto a background. We hung them on the washing line and they really brightened up the classroom!



Term 4 2023

To celebrate Easter, Ash Class made chocolate crispy cake nests and Easter biscuits with Mrs Fairley. The children thoroughly enjoyed stirring the cornflakes into the melted chocolate and decorating the biscuits they had made with bright coloured icing! The children couldn’t wait to eat the delicious goodies they had made!

Thank you so much to Nicky Fairley for giving up her time to bake with Ash Class.     

To continue our Easter celebrations, Ash Class decorated their very own Easter crown! They cut out egg shaped pieces of paper to decorate the spikes of the crown and made big, colourful flowers to decorate around the rim! The children looked fantastic!

Ash Class made beautiful Easter cards for their parents. The children cut out their shapes very carefully and neatly and the bold design looked incredibly eye-catching.


Ash Class picked a bright and sunny morning to walk to Blagdon Park. We enjoyed looking at St Andrew’s Church, the orchard and identifying lots of trees and flowers on our way. Once we arrived at the park, we carefully looked at the park equipment and had great fun testing to see if it was enjoyable to play on! We all had a super time in the sun and loved the park equipment very much!

Thank you very much to Sadie Wickers and Rose Derbyshire for joining us on our visit and helping to keep everyone safe along the main road.


Ash Class designed, drew and painted their very own unique flower. They loved naming their special flower and describing it to me. These beautiful flower paintings have made the classroom look incredibly bright and colourful.


To help us learn about planting and how seeds grow, each child in Ash Class planted a sunflower seed. After keeping the seed on the window sill for several weeks and watering it every day, Ash Class carefully observed the growth and changes of the seed. The children were so excited to take their sunflowers home and continue to look after them and watch them grow!

Ash Class thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day! To mark this very important day of books and reading, the children dressed up as their favourite book character, listened to a wide range of stories read by different teachers and drew pictures from their favourite books.


Term 3 2023

Ash Class have enjoyed identifying and naming a wide range of farm animals, jungle animals, nocturnal and diurnal animals. To consolidate our learning on amazing animals, we had a memorable day trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm to see all the wonderful animals at the zoo. We had a really super time!

Thank you very much to Sadie Wickers, Kerenza Dale-Marks and Nicky Fairley for volunteering to help on the day. I greatly appreciated your help.



Ash Class had great fun designing and painting fabulous, symmetrical butterflies. The children enthusiastically described their butterfly to me and gave them imaginative names.

Ash Class made very effective Tiger Masks by painting and transforming a paper plate. They listened very carefully to specific instructions and followed them really well. The children loved wearing their magnificent masks at home time to give their parents a big fright!


Term 2 2022

All of Ash Class were given a book as a gift from The Book Trust. This year the story was called ‘We’re Going to Find the Monster!’ The Book Trust reach 3.9 million families across the UK with books, resources and support to help develop a love of reading. Ash Class were delighted to receive a brand new book of their own to take home and share with their parents.

Ash Class made adorable Penguin Snow Globes. They were used to decorate Mrs Campbell’s window for the Advent Window event in Blagdon Village. We are Window 5 on the Advent Trail so do have a look if you are passing by!







A huge thank you to all the parents who came in and read a Christmas story to Ash Class. The children loved the surprise of who was coming in and thoroughly enjoyed hearing a wide range of Christmas stories read by different people.  Thank you for giving up your time. We greatly appreciated your involvement.

On Friday 11th November, Ash Class and all of Blagdon Primary School walked down to Saint Andrew’s Church for a Remembrance Service lead by Sycamore and Willow Class. The whole school sat quietly, listening to the emotive poems and passages read beautifully by the children. A minute silence was observed and the children stood silently, remembering and reflecting on the bravery of all soldiers.

Ash Class have been learning about Remembrance Day, understanding why we wear poppies and thinking about all the soldiers who have fought in wars to keep us safe.

Ash Class made poppy paintings by printing with a cork for the red petals and a cotton bud for the black centre. They are displayed in the classroom and look very striking.

On the afternoon of Friday 4th November, Ash Class invited their parents to watch a celebration of their learning.

Ash Class enjoyed entertaining the audience by performing a variety of songs, including an African ‘call and response’ song. They showcased their beautiful Halloween, Firework and Space themed art pictures and finished the afternoon by enthusiastically performing a story called ‘The Enormous Pumpkin’.

Thank you so much for joining us. We had such an enjoyable afternoon!

Term1 2022

Ash Class had great fun making pumpkin shaped biscuits with Nicky Fairley. They enjoyed rolling out the orange and green icing, stirring the biscuit mixture together and rolling and cutting the dough with the pumpkin cutter. The biscuits looked fantastic and tasted delicious!  Thank you for giving up your time to help bake with us Nicky.


















Ash Class enjoyed meeting a very brave Firefighter called Chris Coles. Chris talked about driving the fire engine, putting out fires, rescuing people trapped in their vehicles and rescuing animals. He reminded us of the very important number 999, which we need to ring when there is an emergency.

Chris wore his special uniform and helmet for us. He explained how his breathing apparatus and uniform protect him when putting out fires. We loved meeting such a helpful, brave, kind and caring real-life hero. Thank you for everything you do Chris.












Ash Class have enjoyed making friends and exploring all the lovely resources together, inside and outside.



We have enjoyed listening to the story 'Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. We had lots of fun retelling the story using the props in the story sack and using their cutting skills to make ' Mummy Owl'.

We also enjoyed listening to the story 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and making Rainbow Fish using tissue paper.

The Literacy Tree book we are currently reading is 'Where The Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. We have enjoyed becoming 'Wild Things' in the classroom, designing and painting our very own 'Wild Things' and making collages. 

Term 3  2022

Our Reception children have thoroughly enjoyed listening to and joining in with the story ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!’ by Lydia Monks.

They have had fun singing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and joining in with the actions.

Lots of our activities have been centred around spiders, including some beautiful colouring in, making a collage of ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and making some giant, scary spiders!









We have also celebrated Chinese New Year by making wonderful paper chain dragons.




Our Year 1 children have had a super time, continuing their learning on Isambard Kingdom Brunel and how he designed and built the SS Great Britain and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

They have enjoyed working in small groups, cooperating and sharing ideas to create a ‘Dream Bird’ in our Jigsaw lessons.








In Science, they have explored playdough and used specific vocabulary such as stretch, pull, twist, squash, roll and push to create a playdough duck.

We have continued to read and become immersed in our new Literacy Tree book ‘Stanley’s Stick’ by John Hegley. The children had fun retelling the story by sequencing pictures and writing captions for each.