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Creative Arts

The school values all aspects of the curriculum and plans carefully to ensure that all children have a wide and varied curriculum as part of our 'explore, excite, excel' school vision.

This includes a comprehensive Art, Design Technology, Dance/Drama and Music curriculum.


In children can access music lessons from the North Somerset Music Service which you will be charged for.

Click here to find out more about North Somerset music lessons and their other opportunities.

All children are taught music throughout the school and are given opportunities to perform to other classes and parents as a way to celebrate their achievements. We also regularly visit the Village Club to sing to the Luncheon Club at Harvest time for 'Apple Gifting' and Christmas time to share our songs and Christmas Carols.

Our music lessons are based on the Charanga scheme of learning and are adapted by teachers to meet the needs, interests and skills of our classes.

Drama & Dance

Children take part in a wide range of annual performances to parents including a Reception & KS1 Nativity and KS2 summer performance or play. Each class will perform once a year as they develop their dance and drama skills. Events include, but are not limited to, Harvest, Christmas & Easter.

KS2 take part in the annual 'Dance their Socks Off'  event at the Weston Playhouse and perform in front of a large audience of parents and carers from across the Churchill School cluster.

Art and Design

If you take a tour of our school, you will be able to see some of the fantastic work our children produce. Work is often displayed around the buildings from art lessons in each class. Work often starts from a well known artist as our inspiration as this also helps to build our knowledge and appreciation.