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Welcome to Blagdon Primary School Governors

Members of the Local Governing Body are drawn from parents, school staff, and the community. They oversee the management and leadership of the school. 

Our meetings for 2021 - 22 will take place on :

14th October 2021, 13th December 2021, 7th February 2022, 29th March 2022, 19th May 2022, 11th July 2022

Please follow the link to see our Governors' Newsletters.

Who are our Governors?

Mr Chris Mills

Co-opted Governor & Chair of Governors

Chris is a parent to two children at Blagdon Primary School and has been a governor since 2017.

"I lived in Blagdon for 15 years and I now live in the neighbouring village of Rickford.  I joined the Governors following the initiation of discussions to join a Multi-Academy Trust, given my background and experience in Mergers & Acquisitions.  I qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte and I have worked both in practice and latterly for a global financial services business responsible for strategy and corporate development.  I am a firm believer in joining an academy trust, due to the administrative help and depth of educational support it can provide to a thriving but small village school.  I am also Chairman of Bristol Cricket Club and been on the executive committee for over 15 years".

  • Co-opted Governor: 16 March 2021 – 15 March 2025
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: parent of children at Blagdon Primary School
  • 2020/21 Meeting Attendance: 100%
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 100%

Mrs Annie Harcourt-Brown

Parent Governor

Annie is a parent to two children at Blagdon Primary School.


  • Parent Governor: 2 September 2021
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: parent of children who are at Blagdon Primary School
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 100%

Mrs Jenny Campbell

Headteacher Governor

Jenny is a parent to two children who were both at school within the Trust and has been a governor since becoming Headteacher in 2019.

"I have been a teacher and senior leader within North Somerset for a number of years at St Martin's Primary School in Worle. During my time there I was part of the team that both achieved a conversion from a Junior School to a Primary School, a significant improvement in standards and attainment by pupils and the transformation into a MAT through collaboration with other local schools. I am passionate about giving children the opportunities they deserve and building a school that the community is proud of. I have also worked with UWE to develop student teachers and a visiting tutor and been an active member of the steering group".

  • Headteacher Governor: 1 September 2019
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: Headteacher of Blagdon Primary School. Husband is employed by Bishop Fleming (LSP Trust Auditors)
  • 2020/21 Meeting Attendance: 100%
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 100%

Mr Tom Herbert

Co-opted Governor

Tom is a parent to two children at Blagdon Primary School and has been a governor since 2021.

"My specific governor responsibilities are as statutory Link Governor for Safeguarding, Prevent and Special Educational Needs".

  • Co-opted Governor: November 21
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: parent of children at Blagdon Primary School
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 100%

Mrs Kerrie Burnell

Teacher Governor

Kerrie is the Class 3 teacher and SENDCo at Blagdon Primary School and has been a governor since 2020.

"Following my studies at UWE, I have been a teacher within North Somerset for six years and have worked within Clevedon Learning Trust prior to moving to Blagdon Primary School to take on the SENDCo role. From an NQT, I was part of the conversion to a MAT at my previous school, which brought with it significant improvement in teaching and learning, as well as a journey to a ‘Good with outstanding features’ inspection from Ofsted. In my SENDCo role, I support our most vulnerable children and am committed to ensuring they receive everything they need to support their journey at our school. As staff governor, I will support our school in creating the best for our children".

  • Teacher Governor: 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2023
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: Teacher and SENDCo at Blagdon Primary School.
  • 2020/21 Meeting Attendance: 100%
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 100%

Mr Patrick Keating

Co-opted Governor & Vice-Chair of Governors

Patrick is a co-opted governor and has been a governor since 2018.

"I live in Blagdon with my wife, Lindsay, and two dogs, Monty and Junior. I am Head of Government Affairs at Honda Europe, and will be looking to use my planning, organisational and communications skills to support the work of the Governing Body. I am a local councillor".

  • Co-opted Governor: 9 May 2018 – 8 May 2022
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: parent of children who were at Blagdon Primary School
  • 2020/21 Meeting Attendance: 100%
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 100%

Mrs Carol Marsh

Co-opted Governor

Carol is a co-opted governor and has been a governor since 2017.

"I am a retired primary school teacher and taught in South Gloucestershire and Bristol before working in North Somerset where I taught at a large primary school and was the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Blagdon Primary School is a vital part of our community to which I aim to make a contribution, working with the staff and fellow governors to help maximise the potential of the school for the benefit of all children.  I would like the school to be a safe, happy and healthy environment for stimulating and challenging learning.  I am the link governor for Pupil Premium and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)". 

  • Co-opted Governor: 1 September 2021 – 31 August 2025
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: none
  • 2020/21 Meeting Attendance: 100%
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 100%

Mr Mark Phillips

Parent Governor

Mark is a parent to one child at Blagdon Primary School and has been a governor since 2019.

"I live with my family in a nearby village and, despite other schools being closer, we chose to send our son to Blagdon as we felt that it provided the best environment for him to begin his educational journey.  I am a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in practice and industry and I currently work at the Belmont Estate, where I am responsible for finance and infrastructure.  As a governor I will look to use this experience to help wherever possible".

  • Parent Governor: 11 February 2019 – 10 February 2023
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: parent of a child at Blagdon Primary School
  • 2020/21 Meeting Attendance: 100%
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance:  100%

Mrs Norma Sanders

Co-opted Governor

Norma is a grandparent to three children currently at Blagdon Primary School and has been a governor since 2020.

"I have lived in the Chew Valley for 25 years and taught French and German at Chew Valley for 31 years. I was also Head of Year for seventeen of those years and have a keen interest in Pastoral Care. My subject interests are English and Foreign Languages. I taught English as a foreign language in a school in Germany for four years in the 1970s. With 3 grandchildren at Blagdon Primary School and one to follow, I am committed to the success of the school and the well-being of pupils and staff and hope to make a positive contribution during my term as Governor".

  • Co-opted Governor: 02 February 2020 — 01February 2024
  • Business & Pecuniary Interests: grandparent of children at Blagdon Primary School
  • 2020/21 Meeting Attendance: 100%
  • 2021/22 Meeting Attendance: 83%

Historic Governors (left within the last 12 months):

Dominique Morton, Elected Parent - From 1st September 2018 to 7th February 2022

Ruth Bean, Elected Parent - From 21st September to 7th February 2022

If you're interested in becoming a governor, please read the information below about the role (and ineligibility), and arrange to speak with Mr Chris Mills (Chair of Governors) by emailing

The role of a Governor

What does a Governor do?

Governor ineligibility

Governors are appointed for a four-year term of office.  In appropriate circumstances, they may serve a subsequent term.

Our Governors attend training sessions and seminars to help keep up to date with changes in schools and education and to enable them to do a fantastic job.  They also regularly come into school to meet the Headteacher, members of staff and the pupils. This helps them find out how the school is progressing towards it targets. 

At Blagdon Primary School, all Governance duties are carried out in close collaboration with the Headteacher and staff. It is often said that Governors should aim to act as a “critical friend” to the Headteacher. Every decision made is done so with the best interests of pupils, staff and parents very much in mind.

If you need to contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Chris Mills, correspondence can be sent to .  

Our Trust

We are part of the Lighthouse Schools Partnership Multi-Academy Trust.

Please see the Scheme of Delegation for information on what responsibilities lie directly with the Trust and those that are delegated to our Local Governing Body.

To access the following documents please use this link to view:

  • Annual report
  • Annual audited accounts (no later than January following the financial year)
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association 
  • Names of charity trustees and members
  • Funding Agreement
  • Scheme of delegation