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History and Geography

History & Geography

At Blagdon Primary, History and Geography are organised in 3 large topics across the 6 terms each. Each topic is taught discreetly with the opportunity to explore key facts and knowledge along with cross-curricular elements when appropriate. There are many engaging activities to excite and inspire our children, with themed days, visits and visitors adding to the whole experience where relevant.

In addition to learning about a topic in one-half term, in depth, the topic is then revisited as ‘Topic 20’ in the next half-term. Topic 20 allows children in KS1 to revisit and deepen their understanding by having the opportunity to remember and apply their learning in a different way. The children will do this using short burst lessons, at least 3 times in a week. In KS2 this is also the focus, however the children have the opportunity to write at length on a range of subjects and with depth about their topic and explore areas interest to them as a class, enabling them to excel.

History Curriculum Intent


Geography Curriculum Intent