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Home School Agreement

The School will do its best to ...
  • Offer a wide and varied range of curricular and extracurricular activity to enrich its pupils’ experience.
  • Contact parents if there are concerns about attendance, punctuality, equipment, work or behaviour.
  • Set, mark and monitor homework according to the School’s Homework Policy.
  • Arrange parents evenings during which progress and development will be discussed.
  • Acknowledge and reward pupil achievement.
  • Provide parents with information to support their child’s studies.
  • Keep parents informed about school events and activities.
  • Give full and clear information about the curriculum.
Parents and Carers will do their best to...
  • Ensure that their child attends school properly equipped and on time.
  • Make every effort to ensure that their child has 100% attendance.
  • Inform the school promptly when their child is absent.
  • Inform the school about concerns or problems that might affect their child’s work or behaviour.
  • Ensure that their child attends school wearing the correct uniform.
  • Encourage their child to participate fully in school activities.
  • Attend parents evenings and discussions about their child’s development.
  • Respond promptly to school correspondence.
  • Support their child’s learning including the completion of any homework or reading tasks.
  • To set a good example to children when on school premises.