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Oak Class

Our class teacher is Mrs Burnell. Mrs Risk and Mrs Burnell support the learning. Children in our class are from Year 1 and Year 2.

30th March 2022



21st March 2022

We had a visitor in Class 2 today.  A member of our local community came to talk to the children about Christianity, linked to our RE topic.


16th March 2022

Today, the children explored their ideas of what an engineer does and what they look like.  Becoming engineers themselves, they designed and made their own boats in groups before testing out their prototypes.


15th March 2022

Year 1 investigated weight for their Maths lesson.  They weighed different items and wrote their conclusions on their whiteboards.



10th March 2022

We looked at the UK for our Geography topic, Countries and Capitals.

9th March 2022

In our DT lesson today, we investigated wheels and axles. Lots of working together, group thinking and construction skills on display.




7th March 2022

Do you know your contractions?  We have been practising today in our English lesson.

2nd March 2022

Year 2 focussed on creating 2D and 3D shapes.  Fantastic results everyone.



1st March 2022

We have been busy making spaceships in English, linked to our reading book Lights On Cotton Rock by David Litchfield.   


16th February 2022

Year 1 went outside today to learn about counting in 5s.   All together now  5, 10, 15, 20, 25 .....


10th February 2022

We created some amazing Kandinsky inspired pictures for Art.


3rd February 2022

We focussed on 'Working As A Team' in Jigsaw this week.  We designed imaginary birds, drew them and then created models of the birds. 


Huge congratulations on this amazing bird design below, that won a Headteacher Award for being so creative and accurate in modelling! 

28th January 2022

The children learnt to sing the 'Continent Song' and matched the shape of each continent to its name.


Year 2 have been learning how to interpret and create tally charts in our maths learning. This week we took our learning outside to create a tally chart to show which vehicles drive past Blagdon School