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Our Vision


Explore, Excite, Excel

Our School Vision sits under these 3 words.

They allow us to focus on the things that really matter to our community as aspirations for every child and every member of staff.

Our curriculum intent in each subject area supports our school vision.


  • Explore learning through play and a hands on approach at all ages
  • Explore the local environment of our School, the beautiful village of Blagdon and our stunning local area
  • Explore their understanding of the world through a range of carefully planned topics
  • Explore their own interests within the topics studied and beyond
  • Explore using a range of tools, techniques and technology to develop interest and understanding
  • Explore their feelings to develop a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals and what matters to them


  • We have a constantly evolving curriculum to excite our children to be life long learners.
  • We make use of our beautiful rural setting and local area wherever possible.
  • Offer a wide range of exciting opportunities for all which has an emphasis on cultural capital as children move through our school.
  • Termly topics are frequently started or ended with an exciting visit, event or activity to engage our children.
  • Topics often have real-life outcomes which make learning engaging and purposeful.


  • Each child arrives with their own abilities – these will be developed so that every child can excel against their start points.
  • Every member of staff takes the approach that all children can achieve including those with additional needs.
  • Our children achieve well across the range of subjects and are supported to do their best in all areas.
  • Children with particular strengths or aptitudes are given opportunities to develop these further both in school and beyond through a wide range of experiences and opportunities.

Explore, Excite, Excel – for our staff

  • Staff have the opportunity to explore their own interests and those of the children through the lessons and topics they plan.
  • Our staff are encouraged to think creatively of exciting ideas to excite our pupils as part of their learning.
  • Staff work as a team to empower each other to develop skills and strengths in their roles.
  • Staff are developed through strong CPD to excel in their roles as leaders and educators both within school and as part of a Trust.
  • Staff are supported through a coaching model to enable them to continually reflect on their practice and refine their teaching or other roles within our school.