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Willow Class

Our class teacher is Miss Haskins.  Mrs Hughes and Mrs Karim support our learning. Children in our class are from Year 3 and Year 4.

Term 4 2024

In English, we kicked off our lessons by exploring different types of tea! We used our senses as we savoured the flavours in our tea tasting. Which tea was your favourite?

During our geography lessons, we explored natural resources. From the UK to the world, we have learnt about the valuable resources in different countries. Our curiosity led us to delve deep in exploring the different natural resources in Chile.

Science has been a blast as we investigate forces and magnets. We have looked at how magnets behave. We have also designed our own escape lane by using different materials to help slow down the speed of a vehicle.

We have been busy practising songs for our upcoming performance in Perform Their Socks Off. We cannot wait to perform these!

In Design and Technology (DT), we have been making money containers. Our parents and carers joined us for a fun session, where they helped us sew the containers and decorate them with flair. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn together!


Term 3 2024

In Maths, we have completed our topic on multiplication and division, but we will still continue to practice our timestables every day to strengthen our skills. We then learnt about measurement and perimeter. We loved taking our learning outside.

 In English, we delved into the wonderful world of Roald Dahl's story 'The BFG'. Our classroom bookshelf is filled with many more enchanting books by Roald Dahl waiting to be explored.

For History, we travelled back in time to learn about the fascinating Anglo-Saxons. We discussed who they were, why Vortigern made a pact with them, their way of life, beliefs, and even delved into local history to enrich our understanding.

Our science lessons have been filled with exciting discoveries about different types of rocks. We spent time observing the unique features of rocks and thought about which type would be best for creating a new path in our school. We even wrote persuasive letters to Mrs. Campbell with their ideas.



In art, we have explored the beautiful style of batik. Using hot wax and fabric dye, we created our own masterpieces. Additionally, we delved into the art of weaving using a weaving loom, sparking creativity and imagination.

Year 4 visited Hutton Moor to take part in a sporting festival. We tried lots of different sports and competed with different schools in the area.



Term 2 2024

Prepare to be amazed! We recently had a special webcam visit from the Natural History Museum, where our curious learners had the chance to dive deep into the fiery world of volcanoes. From learning about different types of eruptions to uncovering the secrets of volcanic formations, it was an explosive experience! We were captivated by the interactive session, fuelling our passion for Science, Geography and the wonders of our natural world.

In Design and Technology (DT) lessons, we have been hard at work constructing bridges.  We used various materials to craft impressive structures that spanned across a gap. We have used our collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Science experiments have been electrifying! In science, we have been exploring the world of circuits. We have been immersed in creating circuits, discovering how electricity flows and powers different devices. It's been enlightening!

Willow class has been filled with festive joy as we spread Christmas cheer throughout the community. We visited the luncheon club to sing Christmas carols. This was a fantastic event.



Term1 2023

One of the highlights of this term was our fascinating visit to Carleon where we entered the world of Romans. We had the incredible opportunity to step back in time, explore the ancient ruins, and experience what life was like in a Roman settlement. The Roman topic truly came alive!


In our art lessons, we worked diligently to create stunning mosaic coasters. With colourful tiles and careful precision, we pieced together beautiful designs, inspired by Antoni Gaudi.

Willow Class dazzled the audience with an extraordinary dance performance at our Harvest festival. The energy and enthusiasm we brought to the stage was fantastic! We showcased their teamwork, creativity, and sheer dedication as they grooved to the rhythm, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces.

Term 6 2023

We have been studying Greek pottery and visited Bristol Museum for their Greek Workshop.



30th March 2023 As part of our DT unit, we have made our own sandwiches. Jam, cheese or ham? What would you choose?



30th November 2023   After discovering how to make paper sturdy and stable, we have created our own photo frames.


17th March 2023  We have spent the past few weeks planning stalls to raise money for charity. We were in groups preparing our stalls ready for the whole school. We raised £317!

Art lesson


25th November 2022

Today, we took our stories on an adventure around the globe! As we moved round the classroom (different countries), we focused on editing one part of our story. We cannot wait to publish these!

6th October 2022

Today, we were really lucky to have Vicki Rees from Churchill Secondary school teach us a dance about Diwali.

30th September 2022

We had a fantastic day exploring Cheddar Caves as part of Prehistoric Britain. We looked at life as a Stone Age man and ventured into the caves. 


22nd September 2022

We had our first lesson learning how to sketch on Friday. We examined features of our face closely. We used mirrors to help to add detail to our self-portraits.



13th June 2022  We have been working super hard at home, creating presentations about countries in Europe this term



10th June 2022 In today’s RE lesson, we explored our special places and how they make us feel. We then discussed where a Christian’s special place might be.









27th May 2022 As part of our science topic, we used everyday objects to show how the digestive system works. Class 2 joined us and it was so much fun sharing our learning.











28th March 2022  In science today, we explored what surfaces are best for an escape lane. We loved taking our learning outside.



10th March 2022 Class 3 had the delight of welcoming Sue (Ethelflaed) into our classroom. Ethel is a lady from the Anglo-Saxon times. She taught us about the natural resources used in the Anglo-Saxon times. This allowed us to have an excellent transition into our Geography topic ‘Natural Resources’. Ethel showed us how to twirl sheep’s wool into wool, the armour used in Anglo-Saxons times and how to weave using branches from different trees. 




1st March 2022 Today, we smelt and tasted lots of different teas as an introduction to our new book, ‘Cloud Tea Monkeys’. We were asked by the Royal Tea Taster to smell, taste and then describe the different teas.


17th February 2022 We were really lucky to explore Anglo-Saxon and Viking artefacts from Weston Museum. We had a great time analysing them!



15th February 2022 We have been busy in science learning about rocks and fossils. To showcase our new knowledge on the subject, we created eye-catching posters.

15th February 2022 We are very lucky in Class 3 to have had the opportunity to do lantern making with Nicky Orr ahead of Blagdon Lantern Parade. We have all been involved in creating it and it is now looking fantastic- if we do say so ourselves!


11th February 2022   After learning about Batik in art this term, we created our own Batik art. We were able to draw the outline for our animal with hot wax and fill in the gaps with dye. Whilst this was happening, we also did weaving.


21st January 2022  We had an Anglo-Saxon and Scot WOW Day as part of our history unit. We dressed up, wrote our names in clay using the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, created Anglo-Saxon broaches, made our own helmets and even made models of Anglo-Saxon huts.


1st December 2021   Throughout December, we had a visit from a very naughty elf !

15th October 2021  As part of our art unit, we created mosaic coasters.









15th October 2021 The classroom was transformed into a circus as an introduction to our new book, 'Leon and the Place Between'. 










8th October 2021   We loved visiting Caerleon as part of our History topic, Romans.      









17th September 2021

We started the year off by creating our own versions of the beautiful book 'The Fox and the Star'.